Michael D. Griffith


I have spent the majority of my career in the courtroom where I have taken over 40 jury trials to verdict. First as a prosecutor, where I handled cases involving serious injuries and fatalities. Over the last several years I've applied those skills to medical malpractice defense. ”


Saint Louis University
(B.A., magna cum laude, 1995)
University of Missouri School of Law (J.D., 1998)


Missouri Bar Association
U.S. District Courts: Southern District of Illinois

Practice Areas

• Medical Malpractice Defense
• Personal Injury Defense


Michael began his career in prosecution where he crafted his skills in the courtroom, learning the most effective ways to lead his juries from point A to point B. The following cases highlight his expertise in leveraging experts, evidence and courtroom procedure to obtain favorable outcomes:
  • April 2021 Obtained summary judgment on behalf of a dentist and a group of nurses who were accused of failing to properly treat a patient with a broken tooth that became abscessed.
  • October 2020 Obtained summary judgment on behalf of a physician who was accused of improperly treating a patient with a fractured cheek bone.
  • February 2019 Griffith obtained a guilty verdict in a Robbery and Armed Criminal Action jury trial where the defendant wore a mask as he robbed a convenience store. After defeating a Daubert motion, Griffith placed the defendant at the crime scene through expert testimony concerning a partial fingerprint on a pack of gum.
  • September 2018 A defendant was sentenced to 140 years in prison after Griffith secured a guilty verdict following a three-day jury trial where the defendant was charged with First Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action. Through testimony from the medical examiner and a certified gun expert, Griffith proved the victim was shot with multiple firearms while he on the ground during a gang ambush.
  • July 2010 Griffith obtained a guilty verdict after a two-day jury trial where the defendant was charged with Assault in the First Degree and Armed Criminal Action. Griffith refuted self-defense claims with ballistic evidence to show that the defendant purposefully shot into the victim’s vehicle after the victim knocked on the defendant’s home door to warn him his vehicle was on fire.
  • March 2002 Griffith secured a guilty verdict when a defendant claimed self-defense after shooting and killing a chimpanzee that escaped from a local rescue facility. To explain entrance wounds and shot trajectory, Griffith called a local veterinarian to the stand who was allowed to testify as a de facto medical examiner.

News & Accomplishments

Fri, Jul 1, 2022

Michael D. Griffith announced as a new Partner of Brinker & Doyen

Please join us in congratulating Michael D. Griffith for becoming a Partner of Brinker & Doyen. Michael will continue to represent clients in defense of medical and professional negligence.

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Around the Office

In Michael’s office, you’ll find …

As a devoted father of 4 sons, Michael spends most of his free time at sports activities.
Michael loves to play golf. Golf requires focus, resiliency and forward thinking, all skills that he applies to the courtroom.
Michael is an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction.  If he was not an attorney, he would be teaching literature classes at a university.