Fri, Feb 15, 2013

Scott Harper Obtains Verdict $115,000.00 Less Than the Pre-Suit Demand

Underinsured motorist case tried in Wayne County Missouri.  Plaintiff had injuries to her neck and brachial plexus region which had resulted in severe loss of use of plaintiff’s left arm.  Plaintiff claimed that she was unable to continue working as a mail carrier.  The pre-trial demand was $150,000.00.  At trial, Harper admitted liability and that plaintiff had sustained injuries in the accident, but that plaintiff’s continuing problems were due to preexisting conditions.  The jury agreed and returned with a verdict of $85,000.00.  After setoff of the amount paid by the tortfeasor, the net verdict will be $35,000.00 and it may be reduced further by amounts plaintiff received from her federal workers’ compensation claim.