Mon, Mar 25, 2013

Sanner obtains jury verdict for a third of plaintiff’s demand

Jon Sanner tried a vehicular accident case in Jefferson County Circuit Court. His client caused the accident by drifting into oncoming traffic. Another vehicle swerved to avoid the vehicle driven by the defendant and lost control. This vehicle also crossed the center line of the highway and impacted the plaintiff’s vehicle, which had been traveling behind the defendant’s vehicle. The accident was a head on impact with substantial damage to the involved vehicles. Plaintiff suffered neck and back injuries that included two compression fractures to the thoracic spine. The medical bills totaled $12,000 and the amount paid on the bills was $7,500. Sanner admitted liability at trial and contested damages. The jury awarded plaintiff $10,000. Plaintiff’s last demand was $30,000 and the last settlement offer on the claim was $20,000.