Wed, Oct 2, 2013

Smith obtains great result in a case of admitted liability.

Larry tried an automobile accident case where his client rear-ended the Plaintiff. Liability was admitted and damages was the only issue for the jury to decide. The impact was significant in that approximately $10,000 in damage was done to the rear of Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff complained of soft tissue injuries to her neck and back.  The medical specials totaled approximately $18,000 billed and $7,000 was accepted as full and final payment.  The treating orthopedist testified that all of Plaintiff’s care and treatment was the result of the accident.  There was no evidence of any prior treatment to the neck or back, however, the defense still contested the nature and extent of the injuries.  It was argued that a rear end accident would not injure her back.  It was also pointed out that the x-rays and MRIs showed pre-existing degenerative conditions.  The Plaintiff had demanded $37,500. The jury returned a verdict for $2,280.